The Ballad Of The Falling Teeth (E. Bell)

Dauphine’s Waltz (E. Bell)

    There’s a Terrible Awful in My House (E. Bell)

    I’m Gonna get Some of that Light by Goddamit (E. Bell)

    The Little Machines of Strife (E. Bell)

    The Town in the Reservoir in Your Stomach (E. Alabaster)

   Spit Gnomes (C. Burrows + L. Vuksinich)

    Poultry Ice (Improvisation)



WHEN THE TORTOISE SLOWS DOWN – solo musical projects of Erin Bell

    The Time of the Tea (E. Bell)

    Tennesse Waltz (Traditional – E. Bell)

    Fare Thee Well (Dink’s Tune) (Traditional – E. Bell)